Why HempAge joined FairWearFoundation?

It is one of HempAge's most important desires to support and exemplify ecological and social sustainability in all business aspects. This leads to the question of audit and improvement of working conditions in a complex environment. To simplify this issue we would like to explain four aspects, which stand for the FWF-quality in our opinion.

Financial independence

A institution which wants to control its members carefully, must not depend on their money. Only a small part of the FWF-finances consist of memberships dues.

Audit quality

If you want to expose abuses in a company you should not only consult the management. The FWF gets its information from local NGOs as well as employees, which are interviewed outside the factories.

Multistakeholder approach

If only one interest group has the authority to decide the route is predetermined. However there are many interest groups to consider, which are involved in work. The FWF consists of representatives from NGOs, unions and industry.

Process orientation

If you want to achieve a goal it is not enough to set the target. The FWF knows that you can not solve complex problems overnight. A pragmatic and process orientated approach helps to identify and solve problems in cooperation with all participants.

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