As with many people and campaign groups the ecological responsibility was recognized by HempAge as one of the big and serious challenges of modern times. In this sense we mounted the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and consider it as an ecologically sensible guideline in all aspects of production. Because of practical and political motivation there are no GOTS- certified HempAge products by now. The reasons for these circumstances you can check in our current hemp info, which can be downloaded on the HempAge homepage.

However, the reasons lead direct to our ecological essence, the material hemp. Besides wearing comfort of hemp clothing this admirable plant shows an ecological balance, which is the best in its field.

So the plant does not need either pesticides or herbicides. Furthermore it loosens compacted soil with its deep roots and the water consumption of a hemp crop is significantly less compared to cotton.

Therefore HempAge creates not only colorful and up-to-date fashion, but is also committed to increase the efficiency regarding usability of hemp. For that reason a research and development company was founded in 2011.




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