Sowing and Growth - Faster than any Weed

”There isn’t a plant more useful to man than this one, it is even more productive than corn,” it says in Marcandiers treatise of hemp (Traité du chanvre), which, back in the 18th century, was printed in many European countries. This excellent usefulness of hemp already begins during work in the fields, as no other plant demands less work than cannabis.

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Flower and Harvest - The Queen of Useful Plants

”Hemp is, alongside flax, one of the most useful plants with which the good Lord has blessed earth,” it says in a German ”Text and Reading Book” for girl´s schools from the year 1807, and explains: ”Male and female flowers of this vegetable bloom on two different plants; male hemp blooms first and is, after it withers and has ripened, pulled from the ground. Female hemp is left standing until the seeds are ripe, after which it is pulled from the ground, too.”

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Medicine – from the shamans plant to modern officinal herb

Cannabis makes ‘the body light’ it says in mankinds oldest surviving medicinebook, the chinese ‘Pen Tsao’, put together allegedly by the mythological Emperor Shen-Nung in the year 2.737 B.C. The book  advises the use of cannabis against several maladies – from gout and rheumatism to malaria and constipation and even against ‘spiritual absence’.

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”Hashish of good quality taken moderately does hardly any harm; excessive and incessant use of bad hashish, especially together with malnutrition, has a shattering effect. (…) One believes that its use enables hard and continuous labor, does away with pain and prevents the bad effects of climatic changes. One ascribes the creation of a cheerful and pleasant drunkenness to it.”

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