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Organic Content Standard (OCS)

The Organic Content Standard (OCS) was created by Textile Exchange (formerly known as Organic Exchange), an organization committed to organic agriculture. The OCS supports content claims of organic inputs in non-food products, and tests these claims through unannounced on-site audits and material testing. The OCS is a voluntary standard used by companies who support organic initiatives. The benefits of having this standard is increased transparency, and third party certification.



OCS blended:

This product contains at least 5% organic material blended with conventional or synthetic raw materials.


Our labels clearly state the percentage of organic cotton and hemp that each piece of clothing is made from. In addition to certified organic cotton, the other components of the clothes (such as zippers, buttons, etc) are certified by Öko-Tex 100.

Due to the fact that hemp grows like a weed without needing pesticides or other harmful chemicals, we do not believe it is necessary to certify our hemp material. Moreover, our hemp comes from numerous small farmers including many terraced farms – certifying all of these small farms would result in high costs, which we do not want to pass onto our already medium-price range clothing.

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